Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do Buffalo Have Wings?

This one certainly does!  (You can pop on over to etsy and purchase this adorable art print from Welcome to the Doghouse!)

Of course, generally when I think of Buffalo with wings it's yummy, spicy and tongue tantalizing chicken legs that come to mind instead of bison flying high over the desert sands.  My brother lives in upstate New York so for Christmas this year Joshua and Karl sent us a super fun box filled with Buffalo items.  There was a fun magnet shaped like a yellow road sign with a buffalo on the top and the words "Caution Falling Snow" - (Buffalo is #9 in the nation for yearly snowfall, coming in at a staggering 93.6 inches a year!)  A Buffalo Sabers coffee mug, buffalo hot wing flavored pretzels and the best ever World Famous Buffalo Wing Sauce, in a kit!  
Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to break open that kit and get some wings in the oven.  I prefer to use drumsticks instead of wings, so now there's a bunch of chicken's rolling around without their legs but, hey, whatta ya gonna do?
Half a pan of spicy buffalo legs and half a pan of the regular, drenched in milk and rolled in seasoned flour for the wimpy, legs just dying to go in the oven.  
Forty-five minutes later a nice snack is served with a few sticks of celery, a side of chunky blue cheese, some alfredo noodles and an amber bottle of Mirror Pond beer.  

Delicious!  Maybe a nice bottle of Buffalo Wing Sauce can hop in the package every year, huh Joshua?   (0;


  1. Oh how cool. I love buffalo stuff. We when to look at some bull buffalo up the road yesterday.

  2. Just wondering how many buffalo wings and legs will be consumed next weekend during the Superbowl. Tons?

  3. What a fun gift! A great way to brighten a winter day!

  4. Yum!!!! I like the idea of Buffalo legs -- a bit easier than wings. :)

  5. Looks pretty tasty to me! I like those kind of gifts that you can pull out one day and make and then you think of the giver the entire day as well.


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