Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Octopus Tree

This is called The Octopus Tree and has stood on a bluff at Cape Meares on the Oregon Coast for the past 300 or so years.  This tree is a Sitka Spruce that has mysteriously grown without a central trunk.  It's about 42 feet around and stands over 100 feet high with arms that extend out and up like an upside down octopus.  

The mystery is what formed this incredible tree.  Was it natural forces such as the wind that hammers the bluff this Sitka Spruce stands on? Most likely not.   Did the Native Americans of this area, the Tillamook Tribe, purposely form this wondrous tree this way?  Local legends say that the tree was formed this way as a ceremonial site to cradle the canoes that held their dead.  The tree is also known as "The Council Tree" where tribal elders came to make decisions and where shaman performed tribal ceremonies.  

Seems to me this tree is sacred.  I think, quite possibly, the spirits of our Native American ancestors can still be felt here, if you just take the time to listen.  

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  1. What a fabulous tree. I love the legends and stories about trees!

  2. Paula, love the tree. Lots of history and legend here. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. This gorgeous tree has always fascinated me! And you know I love a good view of the coastline. We are heading that direction this week - taking my dear, little ninety-year-old mother for a birthday 'retreat' on the central coast.

  4. Lovely photos and I enjoyed the story of the tree.

  5. An intriguing puzzle - I've seen similar kinds of things elsewhere but each instance is different.

  6. What a wonderful photo of a fabulous tree Paula.
    It is gorgeous.

    I love the local legend of how it was formed.

    The ocean view is spectacular too.

    Thank you for joining in with Green Day
    it was lovely having you with us again.

    Have a good week.

    x Fiona

  7. Oh how I love trees! What a great story that comes with this one. W have a huge tree in our backyard (that has appeared on my blog many a time) that sadly is dying. It's going to have to come down. I'm going to cry when that day happens - and then I'm going to be hot bc it's such a shade provider. Too bad we can't 'miracle grow' our trees ;-)

  8. love these pictures and have been to this octopus tree---thinking the day we were here was with kids and grands and we left the cameras at home for some reason. this tree is so unique.


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