Friday, May 1, 2015

I Just Can't Help Myself

It's possible that I may have accidentally gone to Goodwill today.  It's also possible that the only reason I generally go to Goodwill is to feed my book habit. 

I don't have nearly enough books and I can prove it. 
There are only a few in the bookcase in the living room...
and the hallway...
and in my nightstand, (what a cool nightstand with shelves, right?!)...
and not many at all on the Classics shelf. Not at all.

I'm sure there aren't any laying around in random piles or shelves that I didn't share with you.

I do not have a problem.  

Alright, so maybe just a little one. 
I might possibly be whore. 


  1. Bahahaha. accidents happen, sometimes you just end up a goodwill, or Powell's city of books, or on amazon. Suddenly before you know it you have 5 new books. Happy accident! :)

  2. Hello. My name is Adrienne and I'm addicted to books. Kindle books, hardbacks, paperbacks ... any type of book will do.

    ;-0 I hear ya sista!

  3. I understand your pain! One can never have too many books.....I think someone much brighter than said that... Enjoy your new reads!

  4. I can relate to your situation, Paula. I'm a true blue book person. At one point I decided to buy only those books that I really wanted and started reading ebooks and Kindle. Sadly, I still have lots of books (what is the definition of books that I really want, anyway?) and my Kindle library is my pride.

    Guess I need more bookshelves, that is all. BTW, you went to Goodwill because the Universe decided that you had to be there to pick up some books that you really wanted and which were waiting to come home with you.

    Happy reading!

  5. As a BookWyrm and Wordsmitherer and of course a writer, I adore books as well. They do seem to occupy many nooks and crannies of my house as well. And I can never seem to give any away, even long after I have finished reading them! I even sleep with books on my bed, so there is always one close by I can pick up before falling asleep. And for me, I am a real book gal and don't foresee me reading books on devices anytime soon! Thanks for the tour of your book habit. It is fun to "meet" other book lovers and hear their passion.

  6. Can so relate. I read my way thru life. Now at 75 yrs young, I find myself only able to read 1 book a week because I spend my time on social media marketing. I also have been donating my books to the library.

    PS. You are very neat r you tied up to take a good photo.

  7. I spy Bobbsey Twins!

    I have a bookcase for a night stand. Doesn't everyone?

  8. You can never have too many books, haha! I love to read "real" books as well (I still haven't got used to reading on iPad) so I borrow all the time from the library!

  9. I too can relate, Paula! My books are my most prized possessions and there are bookcases/shelves all over my house, too. Also: looking at the first image you shared, the 4-Hour Workweek features in my collection (though admittedly I'm not there yet!)

    My view on books (as well as justification for my habit) is that if we get even ONE great tip or insight or piece of information (or inspiration) from reading a book, it was properly worth every bit of time and money spent :)

  10. This is great! You are so funny! I have books, books that I don't even have time to read, but they are there..waiting ever so patiently for my tired eyes to take a peak. I really like the cool night stand with shelves and lace, very cool. I see you have some fun games too on your book shelf. See you're not just a book nut, you have other interests too. Great post!


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