Thursday, May 28, 2015

These Boots are Made for Walking

And that's just what they'll do.  One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you...

Not really. Just joshin'. But they will go for a walk again. Probably one of these days soon.

Memorial day weekend around here is treacherous in the fact that we live on the coast and everyone wants to be here, rain or shine, on a holiday weekend. For most of us who live here full time, we avoid the roads and the beach like it's the plague.   We really wanted to get out and take the dogs on a good walk where they could run, so we headed up to a logging area known as California Barrel.  As you can see, it was completely overcrowded! 
This guy had a ton of friends.  They were partying it up poolside. Well, a lot of them were swimming and frolicking. I think this guy, we'll call him Buddy, jumped out to sunbathe for a bit. I didn't have the heart to tell him that sun was not on the forecast. 
Maybe he really just got out of the pool to console his friend, Slug. It seems that Slug was pouting, feeling left out and a bit like a wallflower.  Nice of Buddy to notice and make time for a chat. 
(By the way, notice Buddy's nice orange color. His underside is way brighter and this little fellow is toxic. He's a Western Newt and you shouldn't eat him if you are in the woods and hungry. That's not nice anyway.)
There is so much pretty vegetation in our woods.  One of my favorites is Oregon Oxalis, otherwise known as Wood Sorrel.  It's bright green, looks like 3-leaf clover and covers the forest floor. Really pretty. I think there may have been a gnome or two hiding under there but they are way to fast for me.
Riff cut several loads of firewood up here this fall.  He was explaining to me where the good pile was and the intricate nature of pulling the logs out to cut. It's what he does. He's a 'xplaner.  
(I was listening intently, of course.)
The Pacific Northwest is very lush and grows super quick. Don't lose your car int he woods, because you may never find it again with all the vines, ferns and moss that will quickly take it over. 
This stump is what is known as a Nurse Stump.  Tree died for whatever reason, was logged, fell over in a "wind event", whatever the case, and that old stump becomes a nurse to new vegetation. You can see that new tree growing right out of it along with some ferns and stuff.  Don't stand still too long.  It'll grow right over you too. 
When this handsome boy was just a puppy, we named him Gustav but decided to call him Gus until he became more dignified and grew in to his royal name. Scratch that. See that brown, (or possibly green), crap on his shoulder. Yep. Serious crap. Elk poop to be exact.  He will never be Gustav but will forever remain merely Gus. 
(Can you blame him?  Look who raised him, after all. Riff is legally Richard, but nope, that's never going to happen either. Merely Riff. At least he doesn't roll in elk poop.)
Walk is over for the day. Loading up to head home to that hose in the backyard and some shampoo to wash off Gus' very fragrant cologne. 

I hope you enjoyed your walk with us today.  
Where have you been walking lately?


  1. This was a very fun post!

  2. That was a lovely walk! Thanks for warning me about the newt. I was getting a tad bit hungry.

  3. Hi, Paula -
    I found you again! Somehow you got lost when my computer crashed. What a delight to catch up with you again. Your weekend sounds perfect - away from the crowds and traffic. I'll be back again soon.


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